Ackermans Cellphone Insurance

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Get Ackermans Cellphone Insurance from only 35.00 per month when you buy a new cellphone at Ackermans

  • Ackermans Cellphone Insurance covers against theft, accidental physical damage and accidental loss with no waiting period.
  • Your cellphone will be replaced in full. You get Ackermans voucher for the same value of the item when you originally insured it.
  • Premiums are conveniently billed to your Ackermans Account.
  • Cellphone insurance is exclusive to Ackermans Account holders, when buying a new cellphone in any Ackermans store. Your premium will be billed to your Ackermans Account.
  • You need to let Finrite know if the details of your cellphone or your personal details change for any reason:

How to Claim Ackermans Cellphone Insurance

Contact Finrite to make a claim – call 0861 375 878

Apply for a quick cellphone deal online

If your cellphone is stolen or lost, you need to blacklist it and report it to the SAPS. Finrite require a copy of the police report to process your claim.

If your cellphone is damaged, you’ll need to advise us of any other insurance policies you hold against it. You can claim up to 3 times in a 12-month period.

You have 30 days to submit your claim.

When your cellphone is lost, stolen or damaged, you get Ackermans Voucher that you can use to buy another cellphone. The voucher will be equal to the original price that you had paid for the cellphone minus the excess that you need to pay: