Durable and rugged, the DOOGEE S55 is for those with an active lifestyle. Crafted with resilience in mind, the smartphone is both water and dust resistant allowing you to tackle tough terrain with it by your side.

Featuring a slim bezel, the sleek smartphone utilises a tough outer shell. This compact design protects the smartphone’s major components from any potential damage sustained by sudden impacts. For added safety and security, DOOGEE’s S55 utilises four rugged-grip corners which give you better control in-hand. These grips also stop the phone from slipping on un-even surfaces in the event of a fall. Featuring an IP68 rating, the S55 is formidable in wet conditions or immersions. The S55 is also tough in dry environments, especially where fine dust particles that could harm devices. Internal components and seals are crafted with this in mind. Sporting the latest version of Oreo, Android 8.0, the DOOGEE S55 has plenty of advantages. The updated software allows for better customisable settings and notifications. Android 8.0 also offers better imaging, colour management and multi-display support. Designed with a mid-tier octa-core processor, the S55 outperforms many other devices in both power and efficiency. It also boosts your connectivity, providing you with stable 4G. The S55 allows you to run many apps at the same time while still ensuring the device runs at an optimal speed. It does so regardless of power-intensive apps running in the background. This gives you a better, more efficient multimedia experience. The S55’s intelligent, cohesive design integrates its electronics for an incredible experience. The fast processor combined with its large 5.5-inch display offers you great visual fidelity. Utilising HD resolution, you can experience vivid, real-life colours and enhanced visual content. For those who enjoy taking pictures or selfies, the rugged S55 makes use of two rear cameras, one 13Mp and 8Mp with an efficient auto focus. This dual-camera design is ideal for those who enjoy documenting their travels and adventures. The cameras offer detailed imaging in a wide frame. It ensures you don’t miss out on those rare, memorable moments. Its front 5MP camera is ideal for those with social media skills, as the large lens allows you to fit more into the frame. You can take immersive, breath-taking selfies. With files such as music, videos and pictures taking up a large part of your device’s storage, the DOOGEE S55 comes with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM. Its onboard storage can also combine with an external micro SD card of up to 128GB for increased storage. Keep your personal and sensitive data safe on the S55 by making use of its biometric fingerprint scanner. Register your data to unlock your device for safe storage and easy access of your personal information.

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