The phone runs on the Android operating system, which is currently the most popular platform on the market. The X7 Pro comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow which is the newest Android version available.

The X7 Pro has a 8 megapixel rear (primary) camera, which will produce high quality photos. Its 5 megapixel front camera makes it a good selfie phone.

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The X7 Pro has a 6.0 inch display, which is very large for a phone released in 2016. Because its screen is over 5.3 inches, this phone also qualifies as a phablet. This also means that for most users, the phone will be difficult to use with one hand when compared to phones with smaller screens.

Display sharpness can be measured in the density of pixels per square inch of screen, and at 245 PPI, it’s bit dull for a display in a phone from 2016.