FNB Connect Launches 15GB Promotional Data Bundle for R199

FNB Connect has introduced a new promotional data bundle, offering subscribers 15GB of data for just R199 per month. This data is valid for 30 days, and the promotion will run until 31 August.

“FNB and RMB Private Bank customers can purchase the bundle, save on their data costs, and enable their connectivity needs across browsing, email, social media, streaming, and gaming to name a few,” the bank stated.

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The 15GB data bundle is designed to be versatile and sufficient for various digital activities, including approximately 30 hours of video streaming, 3,000 songs, or up to 180 hours of web browsing. This makes it an ideal option for users with diverse data consumption needs.

Customers can easily purchase the bundle through multiple channels: the FNB app, online, or via USSD banking. This flexibility ensures that customers can access and manage their data needs conveniently.

“We continue to see an increasing number of individuals, families, and businesses who use FNB Connect as their preferred telecommunications provider,” said Sashin Sookroo, CEO at FNB Connect. “This promotional offering is another way FNB is democratising access, thereby narrowing the digital divide.”

One of the standout features of FNB Connect is that customers do not automatically incur out-of-bundle charges when their data balance runs out. Instead, data bundles can be purchased and managed, with real-time usage tracking available through the FNB app. This ensures that customers have better control over their data usage and expenses.

Sookroo highlighted that FNB Connect has rewarded its customers with more than R500 million worth of voice, data, and SMS bundles. “As the MVNO market continues to evolve, we remain committed to delivering more innovative solutions and superior value to our customers, ensuring a competitive edge in the dynamic telecommunications landscape,” he added.

FNB Connect’s new promotional data bundle is set to offer significant value, enabling customers to stay connected and manage their digital needs effectively and affordably.