Vodacom USSD Codes

Vodacom allows you to send 10 free “Please call me” messages per day.

Service USSD code Charge
Find your Vodacom Number  *135*501# Free
Please Call Me *140*(recipient’s cellphone number)# Free (10 free messages every day)
Customize Call Me message *140# Free

Vodacom USSD code to find IMEI number

IMEI is a unique Mobile Identification Number on a mobile network. This 15 digit International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is useful in identifying a phone handset or when a handset is lost or stolen i.e. a cellphone network uses the IMEI number to blacklist a device so that it cannot send or receive calls or messages even with a new SIM card.

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Service USSD code Charge
View the device IMEI number *#06# Not Accessible

Vodacom USSD code to view MSISDN number

The Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number (MSISDN number) identifies a mobile phone internationally and the number comprises two parts. One is a country code, and the other is the National Destination Code that also identifies the mobile operator.

Service USSD code Charge
View the MSISDN number *111*501# Not Accessible

Vodacom USSD code for Account Enquiry and Paypoint

Service USSD code Charge
Account Enquiry 137 Not Accessible
Vodacom Paypoint *120*1234# Free

2.  Balance Enquiry Codes

Service USSD code Charge
Prepaid balance inquiry *136# Free
Balance Recharge *136*01*Recharge PIN# Free
All Balance Information *135*502# Free

3.  Airtime Balance and Airtime Recharge codes

Service USSD code Charge
Check Airtime Balance *136# Free
Load Airtime to Account *136*01*voucher PIN# Free
Request Airtime from Another User *140*02*mobile number# Not Accessible
Send Airtime to Another User  *135*072# Free
Request Airtime from Another User by replacing MSISDN number with mobile number *140*02*MSISDN# Not Accessible
Airtime Advance *135*082# Free

4.  Vodacom Data Bundles USSD codes

Service USSD code Charge
Buy Data Bundles *135*1002# Free
Check Data balance  *135# Free

5.   Vodacom USSD code for Voice Mail

Service USSD code Charge
Activate Voicemail 133 Free
Leave a Voicemail 132 Free
Listen to a Voicemail 134 Free

6.   Vodacom USSD codes for MMS bundles

Service USSD code Charge
Get MMS bundles *135# Free
Check balance quickly *135*502# Free