Woolworths Launches WConnect Online Storefront with Competitive iPhone Pricing

Woolworths has introduced its new WConnect online storefront, offering a limited selection of tech products but featuring significantly lower iPhone prices compared to iStore and Digicape. The retailer, known primarily for clothing and groceries, has recently expanded its online offerings to include tech accessories, gaming consoles, laptops, and several Apple products.

In May, Woolworths notified customers via SMS about the addition of Apple kiosks in its Menlyn Park and Sandton City stores. According to Woolworths, the WConnect department has been active in-store since the early 2000s, operating in 140 Woolworths locations. However, in November 2023, this tech section was made available online.

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The WConnect online catalogue currently emphasizes cell phones and accessories, boasting over 60 products in each category. Although other categories like gaming and laptops/tablets are more limited—offering only six and eight items respectively—the selection of Apple products is noteworthy. WConnect offers ten different iPhone models, from the iPhone 11 to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, along with a single MacBook model.

Competitive Pricing on Apple Products

One of the standout features of WConnect is its competitive pricing on Apple products, especially iPhones. While the MacBook Air M1 13-inch 256GB is priced higher at R19,499—compared to Digicape’s special price of R15,999 and iStore’s R16,999—WConnect offers better deals on iPhones.

For instance, the iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB retails for R29,999 on WConnect, which is R1,500 cheaper than Core Group’s price of R31,499. Similarly, the iPhone 15 128GB is available for R19,499 at WConnect, compared to R19,999 at Digicape and R22,999 at iStore.

The price differences are less pronounced for older models. For example, the iPhone 11 128GB is R700 cheaper at WConnect than at Core stores, and the iPhone 11 64GB is similarly priced at WConnect and Digicape (R10,899), but R100 more expensive at iStore.

Increased Competition in the Apple Product Market

Woolworths’ competitive pricing comes at a time when Core Group, the exclusive distributor of Apple products in South Africa (except for iPhones), is facing increased competition. Asbis is set to become South Africa’s second official Apple distributor, ending Core Group’s two-decade exclusivity.